Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides businesses a framework to shorten the sales cycle, create marketing activities which ties into sales objectives, resolve customer’s questions and issues more quickly with customer case management and provides a complete contact/relationship management system.

Sales Management

From tracking and qualifying leads to nurturing a qualified opportunity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 provides the framework needed to support sales.  Please ask us how Microsoft provide mobile support options.

Marketing Automation

Finally a system that provides not only activities expected from a marketing system but also ties the activities with the company’s sales goals.  From marketing campaigns to nurturing leads over a period of time including implementing automated workflows to ensure no lead slips away.

Customer Service

Resolve customer questions and issues ASAP by levering cases in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.  You will not have to guess whether a case is closed or which activities are opened.  Through dashboards, you will have visibility to ensure your company is providing superior customer service and be able to immediately address any issue.

Service Scheduling

Set up resources and skills in order to leverage the powerful service scheduling functionality embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.  Quickly view which qualified resources are available to assist clients.  Never have to communicate to your client that you will have to check on availability.  Simply fill out the service needed and allow the service scheduler to pull together the resources and schedule times available.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 was designed with the average CRM administrator in mind.  Do not have a programming background? No problem! Whether you want to add fields to a form, set up automated workflows or dialogue boxes, you will be able to master the basic skills needed without ever having to program.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 can work with almost any browser and almost any mobile device.  Go ahead and work with the tools you prefer.  Remember Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has an Outlook plugin so you never have to leave Outlook.  Whether your prefer to stay and work inside of Outlook or prefer a to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 directly through an internet browser, you make the choice.