Microsoft Office 365 Let’s a Business Owner Concentrate on His Business

We had an emergency call a couple of weeks ago from a business owner who said that he needed to simplify his business including consolidating several programs and data storage. He thought that DLD Business Solutions, Inc. with Microsoft Office 365 might be the answer. Our senior consultant went out to analyze the business needs and quickly realized that the business was using two different “free” cloud storage spaces (one his computer provider) and was paying another cloud storage provider. The company’s team members were confused where to store information much less retrieve information. DLD was able to implement the Office 365 e3 plan for the company which provided the business owner much needed new Microsoft Office software and consolidated of all of his business information. Please remember that “free” is not necessarily free if you and your staff does not know where to locate files and have to manage several relationships. Consider Office 365 to not only have access to premier business software but also to be able to consolidate your files with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.